Etherneals NFT collection
Charged by Ethernity CLOUD
Once upon a time, in a universe far, far away, the first digital Gods planned a bright future for humanity. They planted the seed of decentralization early on, and it is only now that it manifests and starts growing.

The seed sprout manifests today through sigils, servants, and egregores, which bring into focus the digitalization of the whole humanity. These manifestations come to us in the best shape possible, as Etherneals NFTs, for every owner to link them to anything that drives the force forward.

Ethernity CLOUD becomes part of this future, without hesitation, and every owner can charge the sigil by linking their NFTs in the ecosystem Results of linking are rewards and bonuses, among other, more prestigious reasons to support the digitalization of humanity.

This is the only path to evolution, the path to decentralization, fairness, wealth and sustainability.

It is done!
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