Etherneals NFT collection
Charged by Ethernity CLOUD
Desired was the universe's journey. Human curiosity is much stronger than any force present in the galaxy, a great hunger that you can satisfy only with your time and knowledge.

Galaxies, they expanded with the universe, disseminating the information in blocks, storing in small threads of memory, almost fragile, the most precious desires of mankind. In the hiding places of the galaxy lived unseen powers, without knowing that this new world is moving towards evolution, towards a path sprinkled with decentralization and confidentiality.

At a time when there was nothing and yet there is everything, in its most trustless form. A single thought of the great forces passed through all the galaxies, an immense vibration felt in the atmosphere shook all the principles on which whole worlds were built. The essence of the gods is limited in the ecosystem, and each answers a clear question of human nature. Before them it was nothing, and now we have everything, through their powerful manifestation.

The ownership of data, the unattainable dream of humanity, is now a very tangible reality, with the thought transmitted by the gods in contact with this world, web 3, a new area to explore. Thoughts have branched out and reached their purest form, now visible, Etherneals NFTs, so that every owner has power, because once connected to the ecosystem, there are no boundaries.

The great forces are coming ... and with them all the bonuses and rewards. Here is the new beginning of digitization, where are you now?
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